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Creative and beautiful with smooth animation web design. Ignite emotions, and gain an edge for your business.


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We create, track and refine marketing campaigns to see which messages work best, to help you maximize ROI.

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We specialize in strategic social media campaigns that focus on building and protecting a positive brand image, creating loyalty among fans, and driving new leads for your business.

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Over 200 TV commercials & videos, winning awards around the world.


High-impact print, outdoor & direct mail advertising.


Websites & digital advertising that command attention.


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Ross Ulysses Munroe

Ross Ulysses Munroe

Global Creative Director

Ross Munroe is a Creative Director & Senior Copywriter with a long list of awards and successful product launches to his credit. Having worked as a full-time Copywriter in such agencies as BBDO, DDB, The Case For Advertising and Ogilvy, Ross has served as Vice President, Creative Director in several other agencies as well. He is also the Executive Editor of Waterfront Magazine.

Christine Cirka

Christine Cirka

Managing Director (BC)

Christine Cirka is a Managing Director for Waterfront Agency (BC) and an Associate Publisher for Waterfront Magazine. She is also an award-winning Business Coach & Consultant and Published Author who has been featured on various TV and Radio programs. 

Karim Mirshahi

Karim Mirshahi


Mr. Mirshahi brings over 25 years of expertise to bear in the business, finance, real estate, marketing, advertising and publishing industries. His experience and judgement prove to be invaluable to the success of any venture.  Mr. Mirshahi is known for his keen insight and strategic prowess, when working on behalf of his clients. He has also been the Publisher of Waterfront Magazine for over 16 years.

John Munroe

John Munroe

Vice President - Japan

John Munroe is Vice President – Japan – of The Waterfront Agency. Having run a number of highly successful enterprises in Japan, John is an expert in importing and exporting products to and from that country, and specializes in bringing goods to market, including branding, distribution and other senior management functions.

Richard Ponsonby

Richard Ponsonby

Executive Art Director

Richard came from South Africa’s advertising industry to Canada in 1989. Since then, he served as an art director with Burghardt Wolowich Crunkhorn Advertising, became Creative Director of one of the country’s
first Internet specialists, and as an independent since 1997, has helped create, design and retool the brand and various materials for clients.


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